Our services are tailored to every customer’s unique needs in order to truly address the requirements of all departments involved with the project. Rather than presenting a comprehensive service offering, we have listed representative and commonly used services.
We offer end to end Functional Safety, Safety of the Intended Functionality (SOTIF), Cybersecurity and Systems Engineering Consultancy Services from Concept Phase to Start of Production – be it for a hardware part, software component, system or the complete vehicle. Our products and services are offered under the name of SEEPASS®. (acronym for Simple, Effective and Efficient Processes for Assuring Safety and Security) and utilize our proprietary state of the art analysis and risk assessment techniques STPA+®.
The service that is best suited for our customer is discussed either in a brief strategy session call, which can be scheduled here or during a face-to-face discussion during which we can evaluate your challenges, problems, opportunities and solutions we can provide.
I engage with the C-Suite executive team in formulating the strategy and subsequently mentor and coach the working group tasked with executing the agreed implementation plan to ensure expected results are accomplished.

S01 Assessment (Gap Analysis or Audits)

We begin understanding your strategic goals, short and long term objectives and then perform a holistic 360° assessment of your organization. We study your organizational structure, roles and responsibilities, competency matrix, Quality Management System, Processes & Standards Compliance and Work Products, as well as the Process execution linked to actual physical products that have been created. We also review the profile of your customers and end-users. We also conduct an assessment of your suppliers, partners and third part associates against specific objectives such as assessing the compliance of Design & Development processes including ISO 26262, ARP 4761, DO 178 C

Expected Results: Establish a capability for the organization to consistently deliver Safe & High Demand Transportation Systems/Solutions that are compliant with Functional Safety Standards. The assessment report will provide an action plan that lists prioritised tasks to be performed. If the action plan is executed as recommended, you could successfully accomplish your goals & objectives or address your thorniest problems (dependent upon assessment scope).

S02 Workshops

We conduct workshops for focus groups and key stakeholders designed, and tailored around the problem you are intent on solving or the challenges you need to address. The topics and content would be customised for your specific organization or project needs. These workshops are differentiated by their ability to deal with the genuine industry challenges you likely face with your projects. The workshops are packed with information and deep experience on projects similar to your own. Our team have successfully managed complex projects in the past, thus sharing hands-on case study experience as opposed to presenting solely theoretical content.

Workshops we have lead on behalf of our clients:

  • “ISO 26262 – What you need to know” for CEO/CTO of start-ups or SME’s, VP Engineering, Chief Engineers and Managers
  • “How to create Development Interface Agreements referenced in ISO 26262 that meets your organization and Project Needs” for Executives & Managers in Product Design & Development, Purchasing, Supplier Quality
  • “Why integrate Systems Engineering with Functional Safety?” for Executives & Managers in Product Design & Development, Engineering, Quality
  • Similar and more topics for Professionals in Engineering including Software Development, Purchasing, Quality, Supplier Quality, Manufacturing & Maintenance

Expected Results: C Level Executives and Managers will acquire the ability to understand, and apply the relevant standard or chosen topic in performing your daily tasks. This includes asking the experts to tell you what you need to know, and also challenge them with the right questions so you get the required answers to solve the problem(s) at hand. For professionals, this would be a good understanding of the topic and ability to apply the knowledge learned in their current projects, for example performing Hazard Analysis & Risk Assessment or creating a Functional Safety Case or writing System Requirements for a product that will be industrialised in series production.

S03 Independent Safety Assessment

We perform I3 level (ISO 26262 and ARP 4761) Independent Safety Assessments

Expected Results: Independent Safety Assessment compliant with above standards that enable you to comply with all mandatory requirements for Verification and/or Confirmation Reviews. More importantly, you will acquire valuable insights into improvements you could make to prevent recurrence of the findings (if any) in subsequent similar work products, based on the information and documents we received to assess the work product.

This includes all the prerequisite work products, related information and any specific instructions or processes you expect the work product to comply with in addition to requirements stated in the applicable functional safety standard

S04 Creation or Reviews of Work Products (Deliverables)

We create or review work products before you send it to your customers or release it into your Functional, Allocated or Product Baseline

Expected Results: Quality work products mature to be included in your Product Baseline helping you get your Product right the first time

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