S02 Workshops

We conduct workshops for focus groups and key stakeholders designed and tailored around the problem you are intent on solving. The topics and content would be customised for your specific organization or project needs. These workshops are differentiated by their ability to deal with the genuine industry challenges you are likely to face with your projects. The workshops are packed with information and deep experience on projects similar to your own. Our team have successfully managed complex projects in the past, thus sharing hands-on case study experience as opposed to presenting solely theoretical content.

Workshops we have led on behalf of our clients:
  • “ISO 26262 – What you need to know” for CEO/CTO of start-ups or SME’s, VP Engineering, Chief Engineers and Managers
  • “How to create Development Interface Agreements referenced in ISO 26262 that meets your organization and Project Needs” for Executives & Managers in Product Design & Development, Purchasing and Supplier Quality
  • “Why integrate Systems Engineering with Functional Safety?” for Executives & Managers in Product Design & Development, Engineering and Quality
  • Similar and more topics for Professionals in Engineering (including Software & Electronic Hardware Design & Development), Purchasing, Quality, Supplier Quality, and Manufacturing & Maintenance
Expected Results: C Level Executives and Managers will acquire the ability to understand and apply the relevant standard or chosen topic in performing your daily tasks. This includes asking the experts to tell you what you need to know and also challenging them with the right questions so you get the required answers to solve the problem(s) at hand. For professionals, this would be a good understanding of the topic and ability to apply the knowledge learned in their current projects – for example, performing Hazard Analysis & Risk Assessment or creating a Functional Safety Case or writing System Requirements for a product that will be industrialised in series production.

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