S01 Assessment

(Gap Analysis or Audits)

We begin by understanding your strategic goals, short- and long-term objectives and then perform a holistic 360° assessment of your organization. We study your organizational structure, roles and responsibilities, competency matrix, Quality Management System, Processes & Standards Compliance and Work Products, as well as the process execution linked to actual physical products that have been created. We also review the profile of your customers and end-users. Additionally, we conduct an assessment of your suppliers, partners and third-party associates against specific objectives such as assessing the compliance of Design & Development processes to standards such as ISO 26262, ARP 4761, DO 178 C and DO 254.

Expected Results: To establish a capability for the organization to consistently deliver Safe & High Demand Transportation Products / Systems / Solutions that are compliant with relevant Functional Safety Standards. The assessment report will provide an action plan that lists prioritised tasks to be performed. If the action plan is executed as recommended, you could successfully accomplish your goals & objectives or solve your thorniest problems (dependent upon assessment scope).

Our assessment is unique in that it is an overall assessment of your organization performed by people possessing the required experience and expertise in the delivery of both prototype and industrialized product versions as opposed to having isolated expertise in a limited number of topics.

For example, solely having expertise in Functional Safety with no substantial exposure to Systems Engineering or Project Management. You might have heard this from some Functional safety Experts “I am not responsible for the cost or schedule – that is handled by the Project Management team but the functional safety work products are not adequate!”.

We are capable of performing most of the roles in your organization relating to product design and development, if not all of them.

In addition to the gaps in your processes and standards compliance, we also identify the changes required in your organizational structure and/or mapping between Roles, Responsibilities, Competencies, and Products

Successful outcomes:
  • Compliance with the ISO 26262 standard including execution of Development Interface Agreements with third-parties
  • Compliance with OEM Customer ASPICE Software audits
  • ISO 26262, ISO 15288, ASPICE 3.0 and ISO 9001:2015 compliant Problem Resolution and Change Management Processes defined
  • Defined Systems Engineering Management Plan including RASIC for work products mapped to organization Structure
  • Robust and effective Requirements Analysis, Management and Change Management Processes
  • Optimised number of Clinics (observing actual experience of end-users) required to capture all Use Cases identified
  • CMMI Level 5 compliant and certified processes defined for Embedded Software-based Systems Engineering
  • Organization certified to AS 9100B and buy-in from ALL Engineering Departments to comply with the QMS and relevant processes

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