Global Experts in Functional Safety Design for the Automotive & Aerospace Industries.

Thanks to our proprietary 5-Step System, we enable Automotive & Aerospace Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Tier n Suppliers, Start-ups, Consultancies and Service Providers to embed safety as a vector for increased value into their global products and client offering. As a result, we are global experts in embedding Functional Safety upfront into high-demand products. We work with our partners who are globally amongst the best in what they do.

Collectively, we have a global footprint and offer end to end Functional Safety, Safety of the Intended Functionality (SOTIF), Cybersecurity and Systems Engineering Consultancy Services from Concept Phase to Start of Production – be it for a hardware part, software component, system or the complete vehicle. Our products and services are offered under the name of SEEPASS® (acronym for Simple, Effective and Efficient Processes for Assuring Safety and Security) and utilize our proprietary state of the art analysis and risk assessment techniques STPA+®.

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ISO 26262 Implementation

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Embedded Safety & Compliance Throughout The Value Chain

We address the needs of Transport Industry specialists such as global Automotive and Aerospace OEMs, parts suppliers, consulting companies and start-ups, by assisting them in complying with Functional Safety regulations, especially in the rapidly evolving electro-mobility, connectivity and autonomous applications.

With a 30-year successful proven track record, our proprietary 5-Step System has been improving efficiency and stakeholder value by facilitating the implementation of important safety features into equipment, products and services while they are still on the drawing board.

Enhancing the Design and Production Ecosystem

Our expertise focuses on enhancing our clients’ understanding of applicable safety standards, how to apply them to their products, and how to efficiently integrate functional safety, and systems engineering into their development process.

We enrich their development ecosystem with a customer-driven, top-down process, thus guiding the design work from inception.

In some instances, the project has already started. In such situations, we reverse engineer compliant end-customer functional requirements into the overall design process. This allows us to reconcile often contradictory value chain requirements to save valuable time and money for our clients.

5-Step System: A 360° Approach to Problem Solving

The success of our proprietary 5-Step System is based on its 360° approach to product development, which seamlessly integrates Product Development, Systems Engineering, Functional Safety, and Quality Management Systems (QMS). We perform a holistic assessment of the existing organizational structure, procedures and product characteristics, people – their roles and responsibilities and associated competency matrices. The outcome of this assessment along with the organisational and product strategy is used to create a mapping between people, organization structure, QMS, and work products with an objective to modify and align the development process to comply with ISO 26262, DO 178-C, DO 254A, ARP 4761, IEC 61508 or relevant functional safety standards. This mapping is tailored to the unique circumstances of your organization and can be followed-up with assistance in hiring and mentoring the right team to stringently implement the products customers actually need. On-time and on budget.

Practical Solutions Yield Great Results

We succeed in helping organizations solve their toughest problems because we know that every company evolves organically, and as a result, often struggles with legacy issues that can substantially impact operations and workflows. We understand your organization and the specific processes you need to have in place, thus integrating systems engineering, functional safety, and product development processes and the need to match them to your Quality Management System.

This integration results in the Design & Development of safe and reliable transportation systems, allowing you to address market and safety requirements through top-down integrated design processes.

Hemraj Consulting Differentiators

Top-down systems engineering with built-in functional safety.

Meticulously designed components that meet or exceed vehicle attributes while delivering what the customers actually want.

Create a unique mapping between Organisation and Product Strategy through the Quality Management System. The mapping is used to create an action plan that guides a successful execution of the Organizational Strategy. This discipline can be applied to the company’s thorniest problems with consistent success.

We apply a customer-focused approach and implement a needs identification process and stringently document these requirements for the new or updated product/vehicle features.

Using the HEMRAJ Connect App, we are enabling safe, seamless and secure collaboration from concept to production and beyond … with our clients, partners and staff.

Significantly reduce lead times to get the software updates required to implement OEM features at various points in the product life cycle.

Identifying the appropriate team profiles in order to hire the right people with the right skills and experience.

We reinforce highly skilled areas by deploying the right experts who can train for specific and specialized needs.

Rajiv Bongirwar

Rajiv Bongirwar

Career, clients and achievements

My career has been dedicated to creating a sustainable value-add for my clients and delivering repeatable & consistent results. This is achieved by identifying how to embed durable improvements in their products, components, systems, processes or service offerings. This in turn empowers them with new capabilities or products, characterized by enhanced value, greater efficiency and alignment of all stakeholders’ interest.

My unique proprietary 5-Step System has a proven track record of over 30 years and has been successfully implemented with the Military, Industrial and Building Automation Product companies, Global Automotive and Aircraft OEM’s and top-tier Suppliers. Extraordinary results have been delivered in different organisations working with my team and stakeholders by enabling ordinary people working in extraordinary teams.


Help Global Automotive & Aerospace Start-ups, OEMs and suppliers ensure they get sustainable, safe and compliant products that customers actually want – on time and within budget by leveraging our expertise, network and ongoing learning policy


All vehicles, aircraft, transportation systems or solutions for public use, manual or automated, are designed and proven to be sustainable, safe and reliable from the start of series production for specified conditions of use


  • Relentless focus on Customer satisfaction

  • Results focused

  • High standards of personal and professional integrity

  • Build relationships based on mutual respect and trust

  • We demand excellence from ourselves

  • We are meticulous about what we do

Significant contributions


Our services are tailored to every customer’s unique needs in order to truly address the requirements of all the departments involved with the project. Rather than presenting a comprehensive service offering, we have listed our most commonly used services.

We offer end to end Functional Safety, Safety of the Intended Functionality (SOTIF), Cybersecurity and Systems Engineering Consultancy Services from Concept Phase to Start of Production – be it for a hardware part, software component, system or the complete vehicle. Our products and services are offered under the name of SEEPASS® (acronym for Simple, Effective and Efficient Processes for Assuring Safety and Security) and utilize our proprietary state of the art analysis and risk assessment techniques STPA+®.

The service that is best suited for our customer is discussed either in a brief strategy session call, which can be scheduled here or during a face-to-face discussion during which we can evaluate the challenges, problems, opportunities and solutions we can provide.

I engage with the C-Suite executive team in formulating the strategy and subsequently mentor and coach the working group tasked with executing the agreed implementation plan to ensure expected results are accomplished.

S01 | Assessment (Gap Analysis or Audits)

We assess your strategic goals and objectives and perform a holistic 360° review of your organization. We study your organizational structure, roles and responsibilities, competency matrix, Quality Management System, Processes & Standards Compliance, and Work Products as well as the process execution linked to actual physical products along with the customer profile and product end-users.

S02 | Workshops

We conduct workshops for focus groups or key stakeholders. The topics and content are customised to your specific needs. These workshops address genuine challenges such as “ISO 26262 – What you need to know”, “How to create Development Interface Agreements referenced in ISO 26262, “Why integrate Systems Engineering with Functional Safety?” and more.

S03 | Independent Safety Assessment

We perform I3 level (ISO 26262 and ARP 4761) Safety Assessments. Results achieved: Independent Safety Assessment compliant with all standards enabling compliance with Verification and/or Confirmation Reviews. Likely outcomes: providing inputs to ensure implementation of ISO 26262 objectives are accomplished, insights that help complete nominal functional specification, etc.

S04 | Creation or Reviews of Work Products (Deliverables)

We create or review work products prior to you sending them to your customers or releasing them into your Functional, Allocated or Product Baseline. Expected Results: Quality work products included in your product Baseline helping you get it right the first-time round. Successful outcomes: Created Robust Design Change Requests & Design Change Request Responses for both automotive OEM and Tier 1 supplier, and more.

Hemraj Consulting Advantages

Over the past three decades, we have developed powerful systems to achieve key objectives for our clients. They focus on production benefits derived from gains in efficiency as well as achieving significant cost reduction and end-user liability management.

I believe that applying a holistic approach to problem solving yields the best results. I tested the viability of the compliance in design and sustainable streamlining methods I propose in the Military and with over 20 companies.

  • Reduce warranty costs and proactively protect Brand reputation
  • Ensures Vehicle launch timing (market competitiveness, penalties if unable to comply with regulations such as CO2 emissions)
  • Compliance with stringent regulations
  • Prevents accidents from Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
  • Compliance with stringent standards and regulations
  • Prevent accidents from failures in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
  • Identify Project risk upfront with minimal efforts using innovative methods
  • Result oriented approach specific to unique circumstances of each organisation, department or project
  • In-depth understanding of ISO 26262 standard and its practical application on both Technology Demonstrators and Series Production Projects alike
  • Holistic assessment of your Organisational Strategy to align your Quality Management System with both compliance to standards and best practices in specific disciplines such as systems, software and electronics engineering
  • Agreements drafted for fair liability sharing and unambiguous RASIC for each party involved

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