S03 Independent Safety Assessment

We perform I3 level (ISO 26262 and ARP 4761) Independent Safety Assessments

Expected Results: Independent Safety Assessment compliant with above standards that enable you to comply with all mandatory requirements for Verification and/or Confirmation Reviews. More importantly, you will acquire valuable insights into the improvements you could make to prevent the recurrence of the problems (if any) in subsequent similar work products, based on the information and documents we received to assess the work product.

This includes all the prerequisite work products, related information and any specific instructions or processes you expect the work product to comply with, in addition to requirements stated in the applicable functional safety standard.

Successful outcomes:
  • Providing inputs to ensure objectives of the ISO 26262 standard to the applicable work products are accomplished
  • Providing insights that help complete the nominal functional specification of the “Item (as defined in ISO 26262)”
  • Aligning the Systems Engineering and Functional Safety Work Products
  • Ensuring completeness of a Fault Tree Analysis
  • Ensuring inappropriate assumptions and incorrect application of ISO 26262 standard is highlighted

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