Rajiv Bongirwar

Rajiv Bongirwar

30 Plus Years Of Achievements

I am a global expert in what I do. I have been approached by various associations around the world to speak on functional safety and systems engineering. I am an author, speaker, creator, thought leader, member of working groups in the UK and USA influencing guidance and standards for safe autonomous systems and recognized as an industry leader by biographers “Marquis Who’s Who” in 2017 and their biographical listee since 2009.

As a young man, I developed the quality of excellence in achievement and this need for excellence has driven me ever since. I attribute this to my father who challenged me to pass one of the toughest entrance exams to a unique Military Academy. I rose to the challenge, losing twenty kilograms in one month and developing the rigorous physical stamina and mental strength needed to survive the demands of the training. I went on to graduate with flying colours, making a significant contribution to the Indian Navy in a very short time.

This need for excellence and achievement drives me in all that I do. I applied the leadership skills I developed in the Navy to some ten plus private organizations. This expertise was honed through creating teams in Embedded Software and Systems Development on three different occasions. I implemented an in-depth understanding of personal attributes and assessing skills, competencies and experience of people during interviews and have achieved one hundred per cent success in hiring the right people.

I am still in contact with many of the people I hired on the way, and many of them have moved on to enjoy very successful careers. I take great pride in the fact that they share my values and that I gave them the opportunity to fulfill their potential.

Career Achievements

Creation of New Business Units

I successfully set up and developed many new business units of 30+ engineers for the development and implementation of new technologies. These business units then went on to contribute new technological capabilities, business opportunities and profitable growth for the organizations in question. Within the context of highly challenging projects, all key objectives were achieved, which in some cases would not have been possible by any means other than creating new ecosystems to learn the technology and applications thereof.

Establishment of Competency Centres

Establishment of Centres of Competencies in new complex technology businesses for TATA Infotech (now TATA Consultancy Services – TCS), TATA Honeywell (now Honeywell Automation India Limited – HAIL) and TATA Technologies.

Profit Centers

Achieved highest profitability and repeat customers ratios for TATA Infotech (now TCS), TATA Honeywell (now HAIL) and TATA Technologies.

High value Projects

Secured, executed and successfully delivered high-value projects in niche sectors (within the organization or by its competitors) for TATA Infotech (TCS), TATA Honeywell and TATA Technologies.


First implementation of an executable Activity Diagram based on a SysML model to specify a new Vehicle Feature in EV and Hybrids (Vehicle Preconditioning).

Military Technologies (India)

  • Development of an innovative solution that provided alternative power supplies to critical weapon systems and sensors without having to pierce the bulkhead and risk watertight integrity of a ship.
  • Authored the specification and managed the design & development of bespoke tactical data link and digital communication network system for Indian Navy. Later versions are now in use in Indian Naval ships, helicopters, and aircraft including Boeing’s P-8I.

Recognition & Rewards

  • Ford Motor Company; PCCN-Controls Chief Engineer’s Award – May 2013
  • Biography featured by Marquis Who’s Who on their Industry Leader’s website 2017
  • Significant contribution towards Ford Fiesta Europe Mar 2010 (Letter from Director GPCSE & Executive Director)
  • Significant contribution to SAE World Congress (US / Detroit) Technical Program – 2007
  • Co-chaired “Advanced Electronics” track in SAE India International Mobility Congress & Exposition – Oct 2005
  • Commended by the Flag Officer for implementing EPSIS (Electrical Power Systems Information System) 1992
  • Best All Round Officer and First in Order of Merit – Electrical Officers Course – INS Valsura, 1990
  • First in Navigation – INS Betwa 1985, First in Order of Merit – INS Shivaji – BTech, 1988

Professional Memberships

  • SAE International
  • Safety Critical Systems Club, UK


  • Member of Safety Critical Systems Club, UK’s Safety of Autonomous Systems Working Group
  • Stakeholder to UL Standards Technical Panel STP4600 for the Evaluation of Autonomous Products
  • Represented organization in workshops with Society of Indian Automotive Manufacturers that led to the formulation of roadmap for Intelligent Transportation Systems in India (2016)
  • Reviewed technical papers prior to Publication by SAE International or for their selection to be presented in conferences

Social Service & Affiliation with Charities

  • Volunteer and Certified Trainer for Heartfulness Meditation
  • Hemraj Consultants Limited is affiliated to Heartfulness Institute, Denmark

Affiliation with Charities

Heartfulness Institute Denmark

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