Rajiv is extremely knowledgeable in ISO 26262.

He is invaluable when it comes to securing that a developed product is truly functional safe and not just safe on paper. Nothing escapes his mind. He is very passionate about his work and always has time to support when developers are stuck on a functional safety problem no matter how busy he is.

– Functional Safety Coach of an Automotive OEM

Skilled and dedicated to challenge the norm to improve and excel.

– Product Safety Director of an Automotive OEM

Significant improvements to Functional Safety processes.

I worked with Rajiv to improve and implement functional safety processes in a Automotive Tier 1 supplier providing power-train solutions for Electric Vehicles and other power distribution related Electronic Control Units. Rajiv made a significant contribution and I would recommend him to others taking a similar journey.

– Vice President Program Management, Automotive Tier 1 Supplier for Electric & Hybrid Vehicles

A very knowledge person that take proud in teaching and supporting others.

Willing to give you the time that you need to get ISO26262 rolling in your organisation.

– Group Manager AB Volvo, Sweden

Rajiv has the best ideas and working practices!

Rajiv was the Systems Engineering Lead on multiple projects ranging from electric cars to hybrid buses during my time at BorgWarner. Rajiv brought clarity, structure and defined the key Product Development & Systems Engineering Lifecycle Processes while integrating Functional Safety and ISO 26262 compliance. He was key person for Functional Safety, Product Development team and the Customer. His expertise and guidance was significantly instrumental in achieving desired results for the organisation both in day to day activities and any audits by Customer. He also piloted significant improvements in the Configuration Management, Change Management and Problem Resolution processes that were compliant with ISO 26262, ASPICE, ISO 15288 and ISO 9001:2015. Rajiv is very conscientious, passionate and friendly person with high standards of Professional Integrity. He will be an excellent asset for all organisations he works with in multiple capacities.

– Certified ASPICE Assessor, System Software Quality Engineer & certified Functional Safety Engineer

Functional Safety Consulting.

Rajiv came in to the organisation in an ongoing project with previous status and ongoing deliverable’s. He quickly assessed the situation and identified what was needed to be to be compliant from a safety perspective. He helped with customer interactions as well as inter-department actions.

All in all, a very experienced person and able to let the organisation know in an honest and open way what is needed to be done.

– Chief System & Core Software Architect, EV Powertrain, Automotive & Aerospace Tier 1 

Rajiv was instrumental in acquiring a contract from an Automotive Tier I OEM in the field of Automotive Embedded Electronic and Software Systems.

His Systems Engineering and Technical expertise combined with Project Management, People Skills and Process compliance resulted in repeat projects from the customer, resulting in profitable business for the organisation in a niche area and challenging projects for Rajiv’s team to work on. Also, most importantly, it helped enable our customer in accomplishing their ambitious business objectives. Rajiv ‘s qualities include dependable, personable, passionate about his work and a very friendly person to work with.

– Ex Sales Director, Entrepreneur, Information Technology Professional

Rajiv’s intelligence, dedication and finding out of box solutions significantly contributed to the success of these projects.

He was instrumental in completing the field prototype development of two major projects, one involving a major upgrade to Tactical Mission System and integrating it with a data link and the other was establishing amongst the first RF based digital communication network for Indian Navy. From concept to design, implementation and field trials, Rajiv was not only able to accomplish the project objectives complying with customer requirements ahead of time but also enabled substantial savings achieved through innovative design and methodology. As the saying goes, “proof of the pudding is in eating it”, both the upgrade to TMS and subsequent, evolving versions of the digital communication network are currently in production. Rajiv’s intelligence, dedication and finding out of box solutions significantly contributed to the success of these projects which are currently in use.

– Ex Deputy Director of Systems Engineering Department in Ministry of Defence and Chief Operating Officer of a Construction Company

Rajiv must receive a lot of credit for getting this business off the ground floor.

When I first met Rajiv he was leading a newly formed product development team for Tata-Honeywell a joint venture formed by the Tata Group and Honeywell to serve the Indian and India sub-continent market. Rajiv was charged with starting up a hardware, firmware, software, mechanical engineering team to develop products for non-Honeywell companies primarily in North America. This was the start of a very profitable business. Rajiv must receive a lot of credit for getting this business off the ground floor. Rajiv left us to continue his career in the UK and everywhere he has gone since excellence has followed him. Rajiv has a passion for technology and unwavering focus on making anything he does a success!

– Ex Vice President Sales and currently Director Business Development of Engineering Services Company

Great level of professionalism and invaluable experience in automotive product development processes including safety critical systems.

– Director, Business Development and Sales of a Company providing Intelligent Software for Electric and Autonomous Vehicles

Functional Safety Consultancy

Hemraj Consulting / Rajiv Bongirwar is a very knowledgeable expert, definitely has the best interest of the customer in mind, and brings a wealth of experience in real-world programs to the table. Definitely highly recommended.

– Co-Founder and Director Technology & Innovation of an Intelligent Software Company providing solutions for Automated and Electric Vehicles

Rajiv was able to quickly build an enthusiastic and highly competent team that implemented bespoke projects for our customers.

He had in-depth experience of the complete product development life cycle in the niche area of Real Time & Embedded Software and Systems in multiple industry verticals, especially Automotive & Avionic (Defense). He was able to quickly build a enthusiastic and highly competent team that implemented bespoke projects for TATA Technologies customers including patents being filed and setting up the Model Based Development Methodology using state of art tools, Modelling, Hardware-in-Loop (HIL) based real time simulation. Rajiv had a great ability of getting the right resources for the right job on board and a casual talk with any of his team members would give insight to the amount of care, concern and pains he would take for the professional progress of his team while delighting customers with consistently exceeding their expectations. He quickly set up a profitable Embedded Systems group area by implementing a well thought out business strategy. He contributed significantly in getting this business area certified to CMMI level 5 during 2005 when TATA Technologies got certified for this level and while continuing to contributing towards setting up innovative processes and methodologies as also presented by him in SAE World Congress 2007, he later played a significant role in TATA Technologies’ journey of AS 9100 B certification in his capacity as Chief Internal Auditor. Overall, Rajiv is very result oriented, technically competent and effective leader while being a friendly person to work with. I wish him the very best in his new venture.

– Vice President Corporate Strategy, Human Resources & Business Excellence

Hemraj Consulting support on Functional Safety

Hemraj Consulting support on Functional Safety for our products has been outstanding. Specifically the support was around negotiating a complex DIA agreement to deliver our technology to market with a leading OEM.
I truly recommend Hemraj Consulting services.

– Co-Founder and Business Development Director of a Software Start-up in Automated, Connected, Electric & Shared Mobility (ACES) domain

Results focused team player.

I was part of a business team with Rajiv. During the time I worked with him he always put our customers first and was keen to assess and solve problems from their point of view. He was willing to take intelligent risks and worked hard to spend time in the field working with and guiding our engineers.

Rajiv’s positive and can-do attitude coupled with his sense of urgency to get things done make would make him a valued member of any business team in my view.

– Vice President of a Global Company with Local Solutions in our daily life

Professional, high quality and consistent service.

Rajiv of Hemraj has provided a consistent and professional service to our company on several projects. The service quality has been excellent.

– Director of a Bespoke Engineering Consultancy, UK

High competence in systems engineering & functional safety area. Result-oriented way of working.

Rajiv has been my colleague and counterpart at Volvo Group since almost a year. It has been an enjoyable and enriching experience to work with him on securing implementation of ISO26262 in our respective departments. He has a good vision of how to improve and follow processes in large organisations such as ours and has high competence in system engineering and functional safety.

He has provided valuable feedback during verification reviews of my department’s ISO26262 work products. Rajiv is also very easy to work with thanks to his goal-oriented attitude, friendliness and interpersonal skills.

– Functional Safety Manager, Chassis Systems of an Automotive OEM

Very positive experience

I worked with Rajiv to create a minimum viable product as part of the concept phase of ISO26262 as a key enabler for our functional safety software implementation.
Rajiv has a vast knowledge in Functional Safety, all parts of ISO26262 standard and it’s dependent methodologies as well as Automotive E/E systems and process management in general.

We have worked together for almost two months I can easily say he is very committed to bring his expertise to achieve the best results for his customers both in short term and long term.
He has made great contribution to our work. He will be invaluable to any organization that choose to work with him.

– ADAS Software Team Lead

Hemraj Consultants Ltd were contracted for Functional Safety

Hemraj Consultants Ltd were contracted to support us with a project for a specific customer; the support we received was extremely competent and timely resulting in successful acceptance of the deliverable. Hemraj went above and beyond for us; we are extremely grateful and hope to work together again in the future.

– Integrated Logistic Support Manager of a Defence Supplier Company, part of AURORA network, UK


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