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How did we leverage the pandemic
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Welcoming the spring, new financial year, and a new year of hope!

Just over an year since the onset of one of the biggest calamities of the century – the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic has been an year of crisis for humanity, and yet, has also been a great teacher. It has also given birth to opportunities not possible before. Has driven many more people to embrace the digital world and remote working an “acceptable norm” – which allows people across the world to be connected with each other, like never before, from the comfort of your home.

We leveraged the pandemic to consolidate our intellectual property and knowledge assets to productize our services to enable us reach a wider customer base and maximize our positive impact.

We have been fortunate to have received three grants, one from the EU’s Horizon 2020 Innovation and Research Program – “Innovate2Succeed – grant number 831335 “, one from Innovate UK “Evolve Digital” and one from EU regional development fund “International Growth Fund – SOUTHIF-00202” to increase exports that has enabled this.

We look forward to share our experience, knowledge, techniques and processes to help solve the problems of todays mobility revolution – avoiding accidents, preventing vehicle recalls, launch delays and the likes using SEEPASS®, the name of our products and services. We deliver bespoke simple, effective and efficient processes for assuring safety and security, tailored for each organization and project context.

We are participating in two of the most sought after events in the mobility industry – SAE International’s annual “SAE WCX 2021” from April 13th to 15th and Autotech Council’s “Innovation review on Connected Cars”.

I am presenting my paper published by SAE on leveraging innovative analysis techniques for complying with ISO 26262 to achieve functional safety in the session AE101 “On-Demand: ADAS and Autonomous Vehicle System: General and Advanced Topics”. Further, along with Gregor Ilnicki, our Preventive Quality Assurance Expert we are delivering a two part video in the Learning Labs – how to prevent vehicle recalls and bespoke quality assurance techniques incorporating our proprietary state of the art analysis and risk assessment technique (STPA+).

I will also be available in SAE WCX Exhibitor’s Digital Booth for any queries related to my paper, presentation, applying these techniques in your projects, or a 1:1 discussion along with our partner, Sukanta Mitra and his team @ Alpha-Numero

I, along with Gregor Ilnicki and our Validation expert, Sreenivasa Ravipati, will be available for a 1:1 discussion with members and attendees of the Autotech Council’s Innovation review on Connected Cars on April 15th, as well as in the SAE WCX exhibitor hall from April 13th to 15th, before and after the event.

Collaborative leadership is the need of the hour. and leveraging existing knowledge rather than reinventing the wheel to tackle the challenges such as protecting the climate and rapidly changing technology, standards, business models, and engineering approaches in the midst of radical and incremental innovation taking place in the sustainable mobility sector at a speed never witnessed before.

We have formed multiple complementary partnerships to provide a one stop solution to our customers – from independent safety assessments, contract hardware manufacturing, offshore development centres, to delivering world class value added products and services from IBM, their distributor – Arrow-ECS, and their business partners.

Our team and our partner were recently interviewed by Julian Perkins, a Television Interviewer from Arrow-ECS, IBM’s Distributor in UK and many other countries, which will soon be published, please follow us on LinkedIn to stay tuned!

Last but not the least, we exist for and because of our clients – we take this opportunity to thank all our current and former clients, and prospects, including recent assignments with Defence and ADAS for EV’s and ICE vehicles – this is what keeps us motivated and on our toes, in our constant endeavour to surpass our previous performance.

See you soon in my next blog, until then stay safe, healthy and well.
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