Welcome to the Hema's Kitchen, a dream of mine that has finally become a reality!
Inspired by the delicious Indian street food, it's a place where I can share my favourite freshly prepared snacks and meals with customers who will enjoy them as much as I do. I hope you'll make Hema's Kitchen a part of your daily routine- or a stop on your itinerary when planning for your parties. I promise you a delicious meal/ snacks as you explore this vibrant cuisine.

The Four pillars which are the foundation of my business are:
Planet - Strive to be a sustainable business by caring for the environment 
People - Mutual trust and respect for all stakeholders, be they from the community I live in, customers, staff, suppliers, friends, family and myself 
Profit - A profitable business is healthy and able to help others rather than being a burden on them
Passion - The reason for existence of my business: My passion to provide people a healthier and quality option to enjoy sumptuous snacks or delicious meals (Vegetarian) retaining traditional flavours where the food originates from and customised for local people

Privacy Policy

We do not store your contact details. If you opt to receive your receipt by email or mobile, these details will only be used to send you the receipt of your purchase as per your preferred option and communicate with you regarding any feedback that you may have provided to us.